I have been volunteering with OM for two and a half years in Hamburg. The Team has an office in the middle of Wilhelmsburg, a very international district just south of the city which typically has a dubious reputation stemming from its previous ghetto culture as well as from high levels of alcoholism and homelessness.

In 2015 approximately 5000 refugees were allocated to Wilhelmsburg, people displaced because of the war in the Middle East or because of economic problems in Eastern Europe. The OM Team founded a church in Wilhelmsburg approximately five years ago which seeks to be a place and family of people where the people of Wilhelmsburg can come as themselves and get to know Jesus.

The church, 'Jesusfriends', meets in a local cultural centre just behind one of Wilhelmsburg's main parks and just 5 minutes away from one of the more permanent refugee camps, as well as the main high street in the area. They meet three times a month to have breakfast together (breakfast for the body) and then worship God together in the form of a church service (breakfast for the soul).

The OM team supports the Jesusfriends church but also looks to offer practical and spiritual help to refugees and other migrants in the area. They also have a focus on youth and children's work. All members of the OM team live in Wilhelmsburg because for them it is very important to be living among the people they are getting to know - Claire, for example, bumps into the girls from youth group in Lidl when she goes shopping during the week. Claire has been the kids and youth worker at Jesusfriends church since March 2016. She will continue this job as she officially joins the OM team in August 2018. Her work always rotates around her focus on the children and teenagers, but also involves offering support and friendship to refugee families in the area as well as being part of the growing Arts Scene in Wilhelmsburg, where she grows in her creativity. Some of Claire's main activities with the church and OM team are: running the girls' youth group on a Friday night, running the English Homework club and overseeing the kids and youth work at church.

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