As we hear and see the unfolding events in Turkey and Syria since the earthquake on Monday, we find ourselves asking what can we do when faced with such tragedy?

Give to the Earthquake relief fund

The death toll and the numbers of injured people continue to rise as aftershocks and several large earthquakes strike across fault lines in the area. This is reported to be the largest earthquake in Turkey since 1939 and was felt in surrounding countries, including north-west Syria.

With longstanding issues such as poor infrastructure, disrupted telecommunications and limited resources, all of which have been further weakened by the earthquakes, getting help to key areas is challenging, especially as the cold weather expected for this time of year is adding serious complications to response efforts.

What is OM doing?

OM's local partners are already distributing food and water packs, infant formula, essential hygiene packs and non-food items such as blankets to an estimated 6,000 families who had so little and have now lost everything.

We are rapidly evaluating where more help is needed. Through established connections and roots in these communities, OM’s partners are able to assess longer term needs in the area and respond accordingly. This approach enables us to engage deeply with people.

What can you do?

Water and food packs, hygiene packs and other non-food items, such as warm clothing and blankets, are locally sourced and distributed as quickly as possible to those in need.

“The cries for help from under the collapsed buildings have not ceased. People are still desperately waiting for help,” one partner shared in an update.

Continue to pray for search and rescue efforts – for protection for those still trapped in debris and rubble, and for those working tirelessly to rescue lives. Pray that the cold temperatures would not claim more lives and that the weather would warm up.

In the midst of this crisis, individuals, families and churches in affected areas need immediate help. Please join us in extending a helping hand to those in critical need right now.

Please give what you can