On September 28th, a 7.4 magnitude earthquake followed closely by a powerful tsunami, devastated communities in the Central Sulawesi region of Indonesia.

After prayerful consideration, OM Indonesia have committed to partner working with the Indonesian church and local Christian NGO's to relieve the suffering of families in the region.

Please consider making a gift to this Indonesian Disaster Relief emergency appeal? The greatest needs are for food, water, hygiene supplies and shelter.

At times like this early intervention is critical for saving lives, and it is vital for agencies and organisations to contribute what they can and work together. Your gift to this emergency appeal will quite literally help us save lives.

Longer term the OM Indonesia aim to develop ministry in this region, especially among communities where Jesus is little known.

Thank you for partnering with us, and above all please continue to pray for the people of Central Sulawesi through this time of crisis and the on going rebuilding and recovery process.