I’m excited to let you know that I hope to be joining the OM ship Logos Hope to serve on board for one year from this summer!

We were onboard the Logos 2 (one of OM’s previous ships) as a family when I was born twenty-plus years ago, so you could say I have OM Ships in my blood...though I suspect this time around is going to be a bit different to when I was a baby!

What will I be doing onboard? At this point I don’t know, but whatever it is, I plan to do it with all my heart and energy, and take this opportunity both to serve God and to grow in my faith.

I do need people to get behind me, and I'm hoping you are visiting my support-raising page because you might be one.

Like all people joining an OM team, I need to raise my own personal financial support. For those joining the Logos Hope, this is £775 per month. It’s a big challenge, but I’m keeping my eyes focussed on the ‘with God, all things are possible’. And for those who can help support me month-by-month for this next year, every little counts!

I’ll also be keeping touch with my news so that you can pray, and you can use the Bean Team form to let me know if you want to receive my news as well as to indicate if you are able to support me financially from August onwards.

Go to the Bean Team form!

For those who are planning to support me financially, then come back to this page when you are ready to start that, and follow the links below where you can give either a one-off gift or set up a regular monthly Direct Debit.

Make a one-off Support Gift   Set up a Regular Payment

Thank you!

Jamie Fugill