I’m going to Vienna, Austria to be an Arts trainee. I’m excited to see how God will use my musical training within Churches and outreach projects to share the gospel in a culturally relevant way.

My role will include:

  • Organising and rehearsing for music related evangelistic outreaches in contexts where people have not yet heard the Gospel. For example, Homeless centres, Senior Citizens Homes, Refugee centres.
  • Supporting and witnessing to musicians through a weekly Bible study for Musicians.
  • Sharing the Gospel through friendships built around music making in Orchestras and other settings. I pray this will lead to 1-1 coffee/bible study sessions and/or a group Alpha course for musicians.

My training will include:

  • German lessons! Vienna is a very international city so whilst I will still be useful as an English speaker temporarily I will be able to connect with more people through learning German.
  • Group and individual bible study relating to serving Jesus as a Musician.
  • Attending training conferences such as the Langham Preaching Conference, the OM Arts conference and the Crescendo Summer Institute.
  • Oboe lessons. I believe God could be calling me to stay in Austria after the trainee year so it is important to be able to begin developing networks for paid performance work. Studying in an institution will allow me to meet students that otherwise may never hear the Gospel.

Approximately only 1% of Austrians profess a personal relationship with Jesus but as a country love Classical music. It is in this context I feel privileged to be able to use my skills to share the hope of a relationship with Christ.

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