A few words from Natalie…

“So there have been a few changes in the last year.

Workwise I am still at OM but in the process of moving into the finance team.  At the moment, I do 3 days finance and 2 days education sponsorship.  I am enjoying learning the new processes that are needed for me to fulfil the role of Senior Finance Officer.  Due to my change in role it part of the procedure to now try to raise support towards my salary.  If you feel this is something you would like to help me with either with a single gift or if you can a regular monthly gift, please look at the end of the newsletter for ways this can be done.  It would also be lovely to be supported by prayer too so if you would like to help surround my ministry with prayer come and talk to me and we could meet up for coffee and chat. 

Church wise I am enjoying the family feel and fellowship at The Community Church and help now and then on the AV and tea rotas.  They are always there to support with a hug or a chat and have helped me get through.  It has now been 18 months since I started as a street pastor and it is amazing to see how God works though us on the streets of Wrexham.  I am continuing with all the training as required and enjoying this ministry. 

Home life well where do I start?  There have been a few advancements as I have now completed the Divorce so that chapter is now fully closed and new doors are opening.  Nathan and I have also changed our names back to my maiden name so we are now Towers again.  Yippee!!  It has helped us with closure.  We are also decorating the house with the help of many from work.  There has been a change in colours and repairs have been made to the house too.  Soon our house will be a home again.  Watch this space for updates and photos in the future.”

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Thank you for supporting Natalie