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For those who don’t know, I am Rachel, a nurse by profession, which is a great passion of mine. After hearing and seeing on TV refugees fleeing their countries, facing difficult conditions I decided to visit one of the many destinations; Athens, Greece. Operation Mobilisation (OM) is a charity who are working in Athens amongst refugees and with women trapped in exploitation. They work closely with other organisations and work through the local Churches supporting the Church in their ministries to these people.

I have decided to go to Athens for 2 years, from September to work with OM amongst these communities of people, linking my two passions of nursing and serving vulnerable people together. I was heartbroken by the stories I heard from the refugees and other volunteers in Athens.

Refugees are coping with everything from sickness and death to childbirth and bringing up children alone and without the support of family and their community around them. They feel alone and hopeless. Many of the exploited women have been forced or tricked into their current situation, which can often mean shame stopping them from ever being able to return to their former homes.

I loved the heart behind what I saw with OM and other organisations working together to bring community and hope back into these peoples lives. I want to go and be a part of this using my nursing skills to teach basic healthcare lessons and support the ministries already happening in Athens.

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