You can Fundraise towards certain costs of your Short-Term Mission Outreach by creating a fundraising page here.

You can rasie funds to cover the costs of food, accommodation, in-country travel etc.

Please Note These are not eligible for Gift Aid.

The costs cover:

  • Food
  • Basic accommodation
  • Travel during your placement
  • Training

The following costs cannot be covered by donations raised through your fundraising page. You must pay for these must pay for these yourself as they cannot be considered as a charitable donation.

  • Travel to and from your placement
  • Passports and visas
  • Travel insurance (including medical and cancellation) Travel insurance is important and a requirement to acceptance for all outreaches outside the UK.
  • Unless you’ve recently been with us before you will also need to complete a DBS (formerly CRB) check as part of our safeguarding policy which costs an additional £20. 

Although your Short-Term Mission fundraising target amount does not include flights, visas or injections, you will receive good advice and support about organising these aspects from OM UK’s STM Team.

As you will need to pay for these yourself, it is important to keep any fundraising for flights, visas, travel insurance and injections separate from the donations you send to OM UK to pay for the Short-Term Mission Outreach. (These are your personal costs for the Short-term Mission outreach and must be raised personally and not through any fundraising site because these elements are not considered to be a charitable donation).”

Other ways of paying