Wayne and Hilary have served with OM for over 30 years. They met at an OM conference in Germany in 1986 and married in 1988.

After 15 years in hospitality ministry for the International Coordinating Team in the UK, they changed fields to serve at the USA headquarters, south of Atlanta Georgia in 2005 with their then-teenage daughters, Martha and Samara.

In the US office, Hilary acts as a placement advisor for applicants interested in serving for 2 years or more overseas. As an advisor, she needs wisdom and discernment in handling sensitive personal issues and advising candidates on how best to prepare, where to serve and sometimes having to say “no” or “not yet”.

Wayne refuses to retire!  He uses his gifts as a networker to broker great deals with local restaurants to cater for team events and training conferences. He also coordinates the regular collection and distribution of donated bakery goods and food items for the 120-strong team.

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