Khalil’s mother acknowledged as she recited prayers in her local mosque— feeling frustrated as she repeated Arabic words she could not translate or understand.  Searching for spiritual understanding, Khalil’s mother discovered a group of people who worshipped, prayed and read in their local language.

Liberated by words she could understand, Khalil’s mother immersed herself in this community of people who followed Jesus Christ, and in time she gave her life to following Him too. Khalil watched his mother’s journey— hearing and learning about the Gospel, but never quite receiving it for himself. Until the day he was given a children’s Bible. It was in his second language, but it was the first Bible he had seen that he could read for himself.

As he read, he finally understood what it meant to follow Jesus. All he had been taught by his mother began to take a hold of his heart and become a reality in his own life.

Khalil’s journey was sparked by his mother’s desire to discover God in her own heart language. Years later, and there is now a translation of the Bible in their mother tongue—a true gift. Khalil is devoted to seeing these Bible’s distributed far and wide among native speakers so that others may read and discover God’s life-changing Word for themselves.

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