Battling with chronic illness for years, Ravi found it hard to hold down a steady job. With so many dependants, he wasn’t the only one who suffered— his whole family lived under the pressure of the situation. Eventually, Ravi was bedridden, unable to even get to the local temple to offer prayers for his family.

"Now, Ravi, his wife and his children, speak openly about their love for Jesus"

But in the midst of a seemingly impossible situation, a neighbour posed a question which would change everything; “Could God meet you in your home?” 

Intrigued, Ravi agreed to a visit from a local church worker. He was presented with a Bible. As he opened it he was surprised—amazed—to discover that it was in his local language. Together, they sat and read the beginning of Mark’s gospel. Ravi was captivated by the story of a paralysed man who was carried to the feet of Jesus by his friend. Jesus healed the man... and forgave him. Who was this Jesus? Ravi wanted to know more.

Ravi continued to invite the church worker into his home and they read the Bible together every week. Soon Ravi’s family joined in; then their neighbours. Before long there were large gatherings in Ravi’s home, praying and reading the Bible together.

Now, Ravi, his wife and his children, speak openly about their love for Jesus, who freed them from the curse of sickness and uncertainty. They look on with joy as God’s restoration sends a ripple effect through their community.

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