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This summer, you and your friends can join TeenStreet from your living rooms!

We will not be in Germany this summer, but this year will see the start of a new international community called TeenStreet Life that connects you to Jesus and to Jesus followers from a
round the world, as well as from your own area. Want to know what this might look like? Check out this video to find out for yourself:


4 AUG - 8 AUGUST 2020

For more details and to register online click here

What will TeenStreet 2020 look like?

We all know it’s going to be very different this year, but we’re so excited about doing TeenStreet Life in this crazy new world we find ourselves in. And we can’t wait to introduce new people to TeenStreet, because let’s face it, going online means anyone from Lapland to Malta, and from Ireland to Russia, can join in. We think that’s awesome!

You can find more information and a schedule on our TeenStreet website.

What is TeenStreet?

TeenStreet is a week-long international Christian youth event for teenagers. Each summer, we work with the Church to motivate, equip and walk alongside (Christian) teens from all across Europe to have a real friendship with Jesus and reflect Him daily in their world.

Even as other youth events across the UK are cancelled, we're excited to provide a meaningful way for young Jesus followers to spend their summer with their friends.

Can I bring my friends?

Of course! We understand lockdown has been challenging for teens around the UK. And we don't know what social distancing measures will still be in place in August, but we know that journeying with your friends is powerful. So do invite as many friends as you can! Maybe you can let your church youth leader know so they can let others be part of this too?

One of the key components of TeenStreet is NET groups which are allocated to each teen. These groups encourage peer community, discipleship and encouragement. TeenStreet Life will be no different - you'll be able to participate with friends as well as making new friends from around the world. 

How much does it cost?

£25 per participant.
This gives full access to all the Main Hall bible teaching, Throne Room, NET Groups and interactive activities.


TS RAG 2020 here

Booking for this event has now closed.