Albania: GAP year

Are you looking for an opportunity to visit a new country and serve God? A gap year is the ideal opportunity for this as it opens the gates for a new experience.Read more

Albania: Loving Kids with Special Needs

Do you have a heart to work with children with special needs, and do you want to serve God in a country which is not your own? OM Albania is in desperate need of a physiotherapist, but as well for people that have a heart for the handicapped.Read more

Austria: 'Building Bridges' Training Team

We will train and equip you to love and serve people from other faiths. You will participate in various projects and in an emerging intercultural network with aims to serve and reach immigrants and refugees, especially those with Muslim background.Read more

Austria: Youth and Social Education Worker - Immigrant Ministry

Do you have a heart to serve Muslim immigrants? Do you have a passion to share God’s love through various ministry opportunities? Do you want to use and develop your experience and skills in an emerging ministry?Read more

Czech Republic: English Teacher

If you are a self-motivated teacher who enjoys a new challenge and wants to work toward the purpose of reaching those who have never heard the gospel before, consider using your skills with OM.Read more

Czech Republic: IT Administrator/Web Developer

Your IT/communication skills are needed in one of the most atheistic countries in the world.Read more

Germany: Church Planting/Xenos Team

Working among Migrants in Germany is our passion. Will it also be yours?Read more

Germany: MDT Love Europe

MDT - Love Europe is a gateway into Missions in Europe. Missions Discipleship Training (MDT) is an intensive training program aimed at equipping you for a missional life wherever God calls you.Read more

Hungary: Sports Ministry

If you have a passion for sports and a passion to bring the gospel to those who have never heard before, come find your fit with OM.Read more

Ireland: Creative Arts Team Member

Are you passionate about the arts? Do you want to use your creative gifts for Kingdom purposes? Have you any experience in areas such as music, story telling and puppetry? If so, you should consider coming to Ireland and join the Creative Arts Team!Read more

Ireland: MDT Immersion Trainees

If you are interested in taking a year abroad, are looking for a college placement, or feel a career break might be needed in the near future, then Immersion should rank highly on your possibilities list!Read more

Italy: Church Planter

Come and join OM Italia to serve with a local church plant and help in reaching out to Italians.Read more

Kosovo: Children's Worker

Are you passionate about sharing Christ’s love with children? Do you want to see God transforming the hearts and lives of Kosovar children?Read more

Kosovo: Pioneering Visual Artist

We are looking for visual artists who want to share their art form in and among the community and be a bridge to share the hope of Christ with Kosovars.Read more

Logos Hope: 1 or 2 years on board

Volunteering on board Logos Hope, you will be impacted as you participate in this life changing adventure.Read more

Moldova & Romania: MDT Extreme (MDT e³)

MDT e³ is an intensive training programme aimed at equipping you for a missional life which makes disciples of others, wherever God calls you. This programme can be extended to 1 year if you would like to go to a mission field after the training, either in Moldova or another country.Read more