Albania needs someone who is passionate about evangelism and enjoys motivating people to serve and be involved in mission.

The evangelical church in Albania is just 0.5% of the population. Many people have not heard of Jesus and the church needs help to spread the Good News. There are people and churches around the world that want to come to Albania. You could be the link that brings these together.

Start Date: January or February 
Commitment Length: 1-2 years (Full Time)

The short-term mission coordinator role has three parts:

  1. Together with OM and church leaders, find places that need teams to come.
  2. Communicate the needs, find teams, provide information, etc.
  3. Plan and lead or oversee the teams while they are in Albania, encouraging people to find their place within the short-term team as well as their part in long-term mission.


  • A love and passion for Jesus and people
  • Self-motivated and proactive
  • Flexible
  • Good organisational, administrative and leadership skills
  • Experience in planning activities
  • Able to speak and communicate well in English
  • Willing to learn Albanian
  • Cultural understanding and sensitivity
  • Enjoy traveling and meeting new people

Most people joining OM raise financial support towards the cost of their salaries/expenses. This is usually through gifts from home churches and other supporters. Training and support in this is provided.

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