In recent days it has been impossible to escape tragic images and stories coming out of India as the Coronavirus pandemic rips through the sub-continent. Official government figures are shocking yet probably represent only a fraction of total numbers affected and the scale of deaths across this vast country. Images of people queuing all night to try and get oxygen for a loved one or be able to cremate the body of a family member who has died are etched in our minds.


One dear friend in New Delhi, leading teams across North India, said to a member of my team “Brother M, half my team now have COVID-19, so we have had to open a quarantine centre for them, as many are far from their homes, but that still means we have half our team pressing on with the work”.

In India, OM is working with like-minded partners who are meeting the needs of the least reached at this difficult time.

We want to be able to respond as they show the love of Jesus to people of different faiths. Will you help us to stand with our brothers and sisters in India at this time of great crisis?

One basic food pack for a family for a month, along with a COVID-19 hygiene pack and literature is only £28.

Thank you for prayerfully considering this request.

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