Back in June 2018 I went to the OM UK base in Oswestry to investigate possible openings, including the need for an AV technician on the ship. On the last day when all the new recruits were being prayed for, a lady had a picture in her head of a man on a high diving board being told 'Now is the time to jump!'. As I would rather jump than get pushed, I decided to take the plunge!

I've been on board since September 2018 and was asked to take over the team leader role in March 2019. The current plan is to be here until the September 2020 changeover, although I don't have any plans for what to do afterwards.

The AV team is responsible for running sound, lights and visuals during public and community events on the ship. We have to maintain the equipment along with some other systems and also play a role in developing new programs to enhance the visitor experience.

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