I am returning in September to serve with The Justice Mission and Community House Damaris, full time for as long as the Lord calls me here.

"The Great Commission is not an option to be considered, it is a command to be obeyed. J Hudson Tayor"

As a full time missionary with OM I am looking for those who would like to partner with me and the work that God is doing in this ministry. I am answering the call that God has placed on my life. As a tree needs roots, I need partners who will give regular support, so that I can be fruitful in this ministry. Partners who can make a regular monthly donation will enable me to serve long term and really make a difference.

God has stirred my heart and I am so passionate about this mission that I have already agreed to go for at least two years from September.

A long term commitment is required to really make a difference in the lives of those trapped in the desperate world of human trafficking. Athens is a major entry point into Europe and an estimated 30,000 victims of trafficking are trapped there. I have a heart for the broken and I am looking for people to partner with me in reaching out to the broken in Athens.Partners who share this vision and would like to share this mission. Not everyone can go, I can and I am willing and available.In the name of Jesus we can "Bind up the Brokenhearted, and proclaim freedom for the captives." (Isaiah 61 v 1 Please pray that we can shine the love of Jesus in this deep darkness.

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