This fundraiser for my outreach costs has now been completed - thank you! If you would like to give towards my flights, insurance and covid test please contact me directly - [email protected]


I have been at OM's base in Shropshire since September 2020 and participated in their first ever Gap programme which ran till Christmas and then worked with the OM maintenance team. I have now joined their second programme and am loving it! Up until recently I have been self-funded however going forward, I am going to need to rely on financial support, given by those who would like to partner with me in my ministry.

In September I have been given the opportunity to go to Portugal for three months and serve in one of OM’s church plants, with a focus on children’s ministry. I have always wanted to follow God's plan for my life, and I am very excited to have this opportunity to serve with this church. I’m also looking forward to travelling, learning and growing while immersed in a new culture and language.

For this to become a reality I need to raise £2500.

If you feel that you can support me prayerfully or with finances - either continued support or a one-off gift - I would be incredibly grateful!

Furthermore, I will send out a newsletter at the end of every month to let people know what I am up to, so if you would like to receive that, or have any questions, please get in contact: erbretta(at)