George served for four years on board Logos Hope. For two years he was part of the ICT Team on board, after that he joined what is known as the Line-Up department (travelling ahead of the ship to prepare for the visit) and the Non-Technical Dry Dock Project Manager (organising people that are not required in the technical aspect to partner with a local ministry on shore or a training course to help go towards their time on board and future service once they leave Logos Hope).

He left Logos Hope in June 2018 from Mexico and went back to the UK for a time to rest and reconnect with church and family. George is now working in the International Coordinating Office of OM in Carlisle as part of OM Ships Corporate Services team supporting the office in Germany, the book warehouse in the USA and remote workers around the world as well as the ship from an ICT perspective. His responsibilities in Carlisle include helping those that contact the help desk with issues/questions, working to keep the systems up-to-date and secure and other projects that help keep the ministry going.

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