We are living onboard the Logos Hope, serving Jesus as we seek to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers in the least reached areas of the world. 

I am serving as the Accommodation Services Engineer and am responsible for leading a team including the welders, carpenters, plumbers and HVAC(heating, ventilation and AC) technicians. 

Abigail is the Port Engagement Department Head and is responsible for approximately 18 people. This team focuses on connecting with local organisations, Churches, companies and authorities during and prior to the ship’s arrival. Abi does this part time-ish and takes care of Summer too.

Summer is going to school five days a week in the mornings which she loves and is growing and developing wonderfully.

If you would like to be a part of our journey please do consider praying for us and/or supporting us financially. Everyone onboard is a volunteer and this amazing ministry would not be possible without the support of those back home.

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