This Christmas we will hear a familiar story. The story of God coming to us; being born as a baby into a world that didn’t know Him, to walk among us and to bring salvation. This is the story of a moment in history when everything changed; a story of truth which many of us will read again this Christmas, knowing that this is the start of a story that changed our lives.

The reality is that 1 in 3 people around the world have not heard this life-changing story.

As we freely open our Bibles this Christmas, our workers are living among people in countries where this is not possible. For many, in parts of the world where Jesus is least known, translations exist but there are not enough workers taking it to them.

This Christmas we recognise afresh this unjust reality; that people in our world today do not have access to the knowledge of Jesus in their mother tongue.

OM is passionate about alleviating this unjust reality and seeing Bibles in the hands of believers and seekers alike. Bibles in their own language—their heart language—so they can read, understand and discover God’s lifegiving Word for themselves.

A gift of £25 could provide 10 families with a Bible in South Asia

A gift of £50 could distribute 150 children’s Bibles in hard to reach areas of Central Asia

A gift of £100 could provide 30 listeners with audio Bibles in African languages

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