From September 2022, I have been invited to take part in the Evangelical Alliance’s Public Leaders programme.

A 10-month leadership development journey designed to equip and encourage Christians to intentionally and strategically take the lead to make a difference wherever they are.

According to the EA, “The Public Leader programme is for young professionals and emerging leaders serving in a variety of vocations or roles, because we want to see every aspect of our culture transformed by the good news of Jesus.”

Why am I taking part?

The target participant would typically work in secular environment not Christian ministry. I am eligible as my role is external facing.

The outcomes I am hoping for are:

  1. Personal leadership development.
    This is something that has not been readily available during my time with OM. Throughout the programme we have x3 in person residential sessions plus other events at Ross County FC, BBC Scotland and the Scottish Parliament. I would also be assigned a mentor for the year.

  2. Understanding the Church.
    This is where my professional interest intersects with this programme. With a sizeable cohort, it’ll be like one year-long focus group where I will have the opportunity to hear the fears and barriers of how the future leaders of the Church consider their existence in the public sphere. This can only help enhance my contribution with OM to engage and serve the Church.

The need

As you know, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Whilst the cost of the programme is heavily subsidised by the Evangelical Alliance, I am required to raise £600 towards the cost of the programme.

Is this something you would be willing to support and partner with me on?

You can give a gift here

Thank you!

*In the unlikely event I over fundraise, surplus gifts will be reallocated towards my personal support.