On the 31st of August 2019 I will be flying out to Brazil to Join the Logos Hope. I will be serving on board as the assistant chef for 2 years. As well as serving in a very practical way, the ship offers incredible opportunities to spread the gospel of Jesus in the various ports it will be visiting.

Since becoming a christian three years ago and experiencing the awesome power of God for myself. I have felt very passionately about doing this.

Just over a year ago I did the first ever UK MDT with OM and found it incredibly helpful. I now feel ready to take my next steps of faith and see how God is going to use me globally.

Please pray:

  • That I continue to put God first
  • That I develop in the skills God has given me
  • That I able to adapt and work well in the ship community
  • That I am able to raise enough support each month
  • For perseverance, balance and peace

Thanks again. You can contact me at [email protected], and I write a blog at justliamm.wordpress.com


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