You can help plant new seeds of hope in this challenging season

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all around the world communities have been drawing on the skills and resources they have gained through OM’s development programmes to support their families and communities in this challenging time. 

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease in some parts of the world, it is evident that coping with the knock-on effects of the coronavirus pandemic is infinitely more challenging for many of our global neighbours.

You can plant new seeds of hope

Your gift could be used for any one of our life-changing programmes. Each gift will allow followers of Jesus around the world to show the love of God through business and community development. 

  • £5 a month, or a one-off gift of £60, could help a woman develop leadership and business skills to help support her community.

  • £20 a month, or a one-off gift of £240, could bring support and skills to vulnerable women through self-help support groups.

  • £40 a month, or a one-off gift of £500, could help a family in need to start their own business.

  • £80 a month, or a one-off gift of £900, could provide micro-loans and business training to small enterprises, helping people break free from poverty forever.

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About Mustard

The MUSTARD APPEAL seeks to provide seed money to projects that can become self-sustaining. Initiatives that can grow dramatically from feeding a family each day, to transforming the whole community for many generations. When we combine activities like these in the worlds least-reached communities, with intentional witness and discipleship, we see how it becomes possible to establish vibrant communities of Jesus followers through the ministry of business. Every gift is appreciated, but monthly donations do help better planning to help the most people, in the best way.

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