Paul is head of Disciple Making Ministries for Birmingham and West Midlands, giving direction and support to our local workers and their projects and starting new ones, with the many challenges and opportunities that that brings.

As a family the Newtons have served in missions all around the world, from Western Europe to West Africa. Now for the last 12 years, God has placed them in the West Midlands and is bringing the world to their doorsteps.  More than 180 nationalities live within 10 miles of their home across Birmingham and the Black Country- and many of them are from least-reached people groups.

"And God is on the move. In many ways and places we see signs of new life: Bible-studies with refugees from the Middle-East, interest in the Christian faith from people from East Asia and Eastern Europe, small groups being planted, churches working together."

Their goal is to see more and more people from these often ignored cultures, coming to know God through Christ and being formed into communities that follow Jesus.

The Newtons would love you to partner with them in God’s mission here – whether that is by praying for a local least-reached people group, praying for them or supporting financially. If you would like more information, click the button above, or contact them at [email protected].

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