Serving as an ELCO (English) teacher

Paul is the newest recruit to the ELCO team having started in August 2019. So far, he has taught:

  • one complete English level for ELCO at OM Birmingham, 
  • a part level, as we had to wave our students goodbye a bit earlier than planned, thanks to Covid, and 
  • a complete level of ELCO Live!

As a team, ELCO spent the summer putting together an online-only course and in September, ELCO Live! was born. Teaching online has been a challenge but Paul is keen to continue with it for the time being, tho ugh he is looking forward to the day when teaching is face-to-face again.

Paul has previously worked overseas, teaching English in a local institute and has helped support refugees in the UK, particularly through English classes. He now enjoys the privilege of helping OMers: equipping them to go and make disciples of all nations.

Though Paul is a salaried member of staff, if you can support him financially, this will free up funds to help others to go and take the gospel to the least reached.

If you would like to join his support team, contact [email protected]

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Thank you for your support for Paul