Hi, I'm Rosanna. I've been going back and forth to Taiwan for the last 10 years to be a part of God's work there. In recent years I've felt called in Japan's direction. The suicide epidemic and mental health struggles I have heard about really tugged on my heart, and I could see how art could be used to help.

We will work with Hikikomori (extreme shut-ins), having complete isolation from Japanese society for decades, in fact complete social withdrawal. They are unable to hold down jobs, go to school or have friends.

Because Japanese culture does not lend itself to expressing their feelings, we will go in and use art to give new ways of expression. To give them better mental health and help them to rejoin society. I believe this ability to express through art could ripple out and help with the suicide epidemic as well.

We also get to facilitate art workshops with local Christian artists to create worship and art that is culturally their own while still being biblically rooted. This will be so incredibly helpful, as Christianity is largely viewed as a western religion in Japan. We'll do relational ministry.

We will get trained in Budapest for 2 months, on all things cross cultural ministry and arts. We'll study what the Bible says artists should do with their abilities. We'll prepare as a team to serve in Japan. And then go to Sendai, Japan for a month a half to work with the permanent team there, reaching out to people with mental health struggles. Our team will also do a local project in Japan once we're aware of what the needs are.

We'll have around 50 people coming to train us, from mission experts to ethnodoxology professors. These people can give us a lot of wisdom, knock our corners off and give us know-how that we need. There will also be artists to train us on how to create art in a Japanese context, and how that differs from our own. We'll have mentors and a whole team of artists to grow alongside. These skills we've been trained with can be used in hundreds of ways all over the world.
Mission funds will cover this training, as well as living, and eating, and so much more.

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  • I can't wait to tell you what God's doing in Japan!'

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