Create your STM Fundraising Page

Please read and think through all the guidelines below before you begin to create your page.

  1. Choose a short, simple and unique title for your page. It should identify you and what you are fundraising for, e.g. "John Barker's Moldovan Mission" 
  2. Choose a URL (weblink) for your page, e.g. "john-moldova-2019"
  3. Find information on our website or in your Outreach Information pack for how to explain why you are going and what you will be doing
  4. Your Fundraising Target is the advertised cost of your outreach
  5. Please ignore the question about events
  6. If you would like to upload a photo (of you or your mission) it needs to be around 1600 X 800 pixels

Once you have thought about your title, URL link, what you are going to say and have a picture you want to use you are ready! Just click on the button below, scroll down and complete the form.

Create your Fundraising Page

Once you have created your page it will come back for checking and approval. If anything needs to be changed we will let you know. 

Please note. Any money raised beyond these costs for your trip will be used to support the OM UK Mobilising Ministries Fund. 

If you have any questions or problems please contact our Fundraising Manager, Andrew Sinclair, you can reach him as follows:-

Email Andrew or call Andrew on 01691 887821

You can already be thinking of who you will share your page link with by email or on social media. 

Please remember you can only raise funds for the advertised cost of your outreach/placement.  The costs for travel to and from your placement, passport, visa, insurance, vaccinations and DBS check cannot be covered by donations given online via your fundraising page as they cannot be treated as charitable donations. You will need to pay for these yourself, and keep the money separate from donations given to OM for your short-term placement.