TeenStreet we will be raising funds to support New Generation Ministries Ukraine. This is a OM project focusing on reaching out to unbelieving young people in Ukraine, to disciple, mentor and incorporate them into vibrant communities of Jesus followers.

New Generation Ministries Ukraine is involved in:

  • Training and mobilising events
  • Club ministry: English, outdoor, kick boxing, at risk teenage girls
  • Evangelistic Puppet ministry
  • Summer camps, including extreme, sport and theatrical camps
  • Village Sunday school ministry
  • Day centre for children from crisis families.

The RAG (Raise and Give) Race

TeensWe are encouraging teens to get involved by joining our sponsored race; each lap is roughly 1 mile long and we record how many laps are run. Even if they can’t run, they can walk or support the runners by cheering them on and high fiving them on their way round!

Once the have completed the RAG Race, and you have decided how much sponsorship gift you are sending for them, you can give it securely through this page. You can also do it anytime before the race as well. Use the box provided to indicate the name of the team you are sponsoring.

Thank you for supporting them!

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