From September 2020, Matt & Joyce will be joining OM Ships International, on board MV Logos Hope. There they will form part of a team of 400 crew members from over 60 nationalities, working together to share knowledge, help and hope in each of the ports they visit. The team's aim will be to encourage and spur on local churches to reach their communities with the good news of Jesus, as well as directly reaching out to those who don't know him yet.

Matt will be working as an engineer to ensure the smooth running of all things technical outside the engine room (such as fresh water generation, heating/ventilation/AC services, sewage management etc), whilst Joyce will be joining one of the ship's core teams to help deliver their various programmes from port to port. They will also be involved with various outreach projects as well as discipling others whilst on board.

Matt & Joyce would love for others to be partnering with them in the Lord's work through OM, and they would greatly appreciate others praying for them whilst they are away. If you would like to receive news and to be keeping in touch with them whilst they are away, please email Matt or Joyce.

If you would like to support Matt & Joyce financially, please email them, and then use the relevant links found on this page.

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