A hospitality house in the AP is in urgent need of managers - preferably a couple.  It offers a place of rest and restoration for many and we would love to keep the doors open for those that need a place like this.

Start Date: January or August 
Commitment Length: 2-3 years (Full Time)

  • Organize, plan and produces meals within the guidelines of the home
  • Manage and gives work direction at the home for staff and volunteers to balance workloads with efficiency
  • Encourage the spiritual health of the house workers and guests 
  • Welcome volunteer help
  • Use the Excel booking system and Outlook for reservations and communications
  • Provide a wireless network for guests
  • Keep financial records with QuickBooks
  • Keep a clean internet personal profile
  • Develop pricing for guests and conferences
  • Keep an updated inventory of all assets owned by OM and the landlord
  • All financial records will be stored on a secure company computer with access available to the PL and FL 
  • Willing to follow the PL’s direction and performs other duties as requested

External Duties:

  • Correspond frequently with guests, conference coordinators, and supporters
  • Make minor repairs and oversee contractors doing facility maintenance for the home
  • Maintain vehicles and other assets of the house
  • Adhere to house and OM vision, mission and policies
  • Assure safety and security of the villa both inside and out
  • Maintain an updated operational and procedural manual in partnership and approval with the PL
  • Maintain a dress code and monitor cultural behaviors in the city and house staff and guests, providing advice as appropriate

Most people joining OM raise financial support towards the cost of their salaries/expenses. This is usually through gifts from home churches and other supporters. Training and support in this is provided.

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