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“We are so encouraged,” shares Madalin, a volunteer youth worker. “We’re seeing our youth reading their bibles of their own accord – actually wanting to go into the Scriptures and getting excited when they discover things.”

Madalin wasn’t sure what to expect when he agreed to accompany a group of teenagers to TeenStreet UK last summer; he had no idea it would be such a turning point. “We saw more fruit in one week than in the whole of the six months leading up to the camp,” he enthuses. “The morning small group sessions were straight to the heart; non-compromising and honest. The Bible can be challenging and complicated, but the youth appreciated us being real and we saw the truth of the gospel transforming their lives.”

TeenStreet UK is all about discipling young people to be disciple-makers, inspiring them to have a heart to share God’s love with people who don’t know Him. “We are seeing our young people chose a more righteous way,” Madalin shares, “a way where they pursue love, both towards God and other people.”

This story about the discipling of young people through TeenStreet in the UK is part of our Easter Appeal. Click the image below to read more