Matthew, a worker in Zimbabwe, glanced over at the boy, surprised by this outburst of joy. Moments earlier the boy had has asked to see Matthew’s Bible, which he had handed over casually, wondering what the boy could want with it. He had certainly not expected such excitement.

At the young boy’s exclamation, two other boys rushed over to join him. The trio sat huddled together, pouring over the opened Bible.

Mystified by the boys’ response, Matthew joined them. “What is it you’ve found?” He asked.

“Jonah! The story of Jonah!” one of the boys told him. “Our teacher started telling us the story but ran out of time to finish it,” the boy continued, “we were told to read the rest of the story at home, but none of us have Bibles at home.” 

Matthew was surprised and humbled. They were in the midst of a Bible distribution, busy handing out Scripture to committed new church members, as was their custom. But there were three boys before him, eager to get their hands on a Bible they could understand, and excited to delve into its pages.

In this moment Matthew became convinced that Bibles in local languages needed to be distributed more widely in Zimbabwe, among adults and children alike.

“Keep the Bible,” Matthew said to the boys, “it’s now yours.”

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