Health Education, female and male health topics - Nurse, Midwife, Family Doctor, HIV Trainer

Skill/gifting: We are looking for women and men who are happy to teach basic health lessons in our rural communities that are ripe with animistic and folk Islamic health beliefs, as well as just a general lack of understanding of how our body and health issues work.

Come and join a church planting team committed to holistic development working among the unreached on the roof of the world in Central Asia.

Start Date: January or August
Commitment Length: 2-3 years (Full Time)

We teach on pregnancy and child health, infectious diseases like hepatitis, HIV and sexual transmitted diseases, diabetes, blood pressure and other topics depending on what the local community feels is their biggest need.

We are looking for people who enjoy facilitating participatory lessons with rural communities, teach basic health and hygiene, and use these opportunities to build lasting deep relationships with the village community. We also train village nurses as we pass on these lessons so they can support their communities better in the future.

Most people joining OM raise financial support towards the cost of their salaries/expenses. This is usually through gifts from home churches and other supporters. Training and support in this is provided.

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