Coaches play a vital role at TeenStreet. You have the closest contact with the teens: you laugh with them, cry with them, pray with them and help to develop their friendship with Jesus.  

You will have many opportunities to show and share what Jesus has done in your life. This can be life-changing for young people, who need a caring adult to be a friend, example, authority figure and challenge giver. 

As a Coach at TeenStreet, you will be responsible for the young people in one NET group, which consists of up to six teenagers of the same gender. Coaches are responsible for leading the NET times, meeting with their team in free time, keeping their teens accountable and spending personal time with each of them. 

Each Coach will meet with their Mentoring & Ministry Couple each day to ask questions and receive support, and will have access to training and other resources. 

To be a Coach at TeenStreet, you must be over 20, love Jesus and be ready for an intense adventure. We need and appreciate a wide range of ages. Contrary to what most people believe, this generation of young people desires to connect with people that have some experience in life. This is often missing in normal life if they don’t have good adult role models. 

Not only will Coaches have a chance to build relationships at TeenStreet, but we pray that this experience will lead to support and interaction between youth leaders and their teens throughout the year.