Frequently Asked Questions

Following are a few common questions, but don't hesitate to make contact if the answers you are looking for are not there.

  • Attending the GO Conference Open or Close

    OM’s Global Orientation conference is your introduction to the worldwide OM movement. Attending this conference forms a vital part in preparing people before they go out to their various ministries around the world. Taking part will help you understand OM, where we come from and how you connect to and become part of this global movement. The conference forms a part of your induction to OM and MDT UK and you will be required to attend before joining MDT UK. A member of our personnel department will meet you there.

    Dates and location of next conference: 21st August - 1st September, Netherlands

    Conference costs and travel are not included in the course fees. You will travel together with other MDT participants from the GO conference to the training base at Halesowen. We will send you detailed travel instructions nearer the time.

  • Insurance and visa requirements Open or Close

    Each participant is responsible for obtaining appropriate emergency health and medical insurance. You are advised to check with your own insurance provider at home for details of coverage.

    EU/EEA, Swiss and UK citizens do not need a visa for this option for the 3 month training period. Others should apply for a ShortTerm Study visa and should not make inflexible travel plans until the visa is issued.

    The overseas mission placement may require a separate visa depending on the location chosen.

    OM UK cannot sponsor any visas apart from the ShortTerm Study visa, although there is a small chance non EEA participants may be eligible for a UK Ancestry visa or a Tier 5 Youth Mobility visa, depending on their circumstances. Please check with us if you think this is a possibility. No other visas, including Standard Visitor visas, are suitable for this course.

  • What finances do I need? Open or Close

    Your accommodation, food, ministry travel, outreaches and all training materials are included in the course fees. We do not cover personal spending money for items such as holiday, personal travelling, meals out, trips to places of interest on your days off, snacks, toiletries, stationery, cosmetics, souvenirs and any small luxuries you may wish to buy. We suggest you allow between £5 and £15 per week for this (ca. €6 - €18) for this, but less may be enough.

    Alternatively, you can access the ATM machines locally with your bank card (MAESTRO or Visa). Please check with your own bank regarding any charges that may apply.

    We encourage you to live a simple lifestyle during MDT and to be mindful of people around you who may have more limited resources.

  • Language requirements Open or Close

    All training will be in English.

    Participants must have a good grasp of English at intermediate level. Non native English speakers will be asked to complete a written English test. We will also connect with you via skype for an informal chat. Anyone with an educational level of GCSE (equivalent) or higher should be able to follow our programme and complete any assignments given.

    Language/study support is available if needed.

  • Is there a dress code for MDT? Open or Close

    We ask that you dress modestly and be sensitive about what you wear. Be attractive but modest and show consideration for those of the opposite gender and different nationalities and cultures. Tops should not be too low cut, particularly as you may be asked to work with children and young people. It is good to bring at least one smart outfit (shirt and tie for men and a dress or skirt for women) - this is for formal occasions.

    During Outreach (especially when ministering to Muslims):

    • Shirts need to cover your bum (backside) and hips.
    • No open V-neck shirts.
    • No tight clothes exposing your body figure.
    • Do not bring any clothes that expose your stomach or show your undergarments when you bend down.
    • Shorts are not allowed during outreach.
    • Men can bring shorts but only for sports.
    • Sleeveless or see through tops that show bra straps etc. are not permitted.
    • Men need to refrain from bringing sleeveless tops as well.
    • Ladies need to bring a head scarf to cover their hair for Mosque visits
    • If you have tattoos, please have proper clothing that hides them completely
  • Relationships Open or Close

    We ask everyone to focus all their attention on God and the programme of MDT. Therefore, we have established the policy that no new male-female relationships should start during training. This could even include spending too much time with a member of the same gender, even for spiritual activities such as “prayer” and “Bible Study”.

    Developing exclusive or time consuming relationships are disruptive to team life and team unity and also take your eyes off the main reason why you are involved in MDT.

  • Facilities & Meals Open or Close

    You will be living at the OM UK Birmingham Training Centre on the edge of Birmingham, the UK’s second largest city, and experience life as part of an international mission community. Accommodation is in dormitory-style rooms, sleeping in single or bunk beds. You will live, eat, pray, plan, study and have fun with others on your team.

    Washing machines are available for you to do your own washing. Washing powder is available for free but there is a small fee to use the machine.

    From Monday to Friday your food will generally be provided and meals will be cooked for you by our cook. You will be able to use microwaves, toasters and a rice cooker as well as fridges and freezers to store food. There is also a small kitchen for cooking when needed. At weekends (Saturday and Sunday) you can use this kitchen to cook your own food in small groups. Everyone takes part in helping prepare and clean up after meals on a rota basis.

    If you have a health problem (e.g. diabetes, asthma, allergies, ADHD, etc.) or a food related allergy, illness, or preference (e.g. you are vegetarian), you must tell your OM sending office so that they can notify us. We will try to help meet any requirements you may have. Please be advised that we may have limited ability to cater for special needs.

  • Smoking & Alcohol Policies Open or Close

    MDT UK maintains a no-smoking and a no-alcohol policy. These policies are for cultural reasons, theological, and doctrinal. The OM UK Base is a smoking and alcohol free building. If you struggle with these issues, please talk now to your sending field or contact us.

  • Can friends and family visit me? Open or Close

    Visitors are welcome and the OM Birmingham Ministry Centre has a guest room where they may be able to stay. This needs to be booked in advance. There is a charge of 15 British pounds (£15) per person per night for use of the guestroom, including breakfast. Before you confirm plans with potential visitors you need to discuss the visit with the MDT Coordinator and our hospitality manager. We ask you to discourage any visitors during the first month of training and during outreaches.

  • Keeping in touch Open or Close

    You can use our Ministry Centre address for post and parcels.

    OM Birmingham
    Little Cornbow
    West Midlands
    B63 3AJ, UK

    Please note that, if people send you any parcels of value, customs charges can be expensive and that you would have to pay for these yourself.

    There is a telephone at the ministry centre that can be used by students for making or receiving calls: +44 (0)121 585 0272.

    We have fast broadband and Wi-Fi access and you can connect your smart phones through the Wi-Fi connection.

    You will be assigned an OM email in your first weeks (if you have not been given it by your home office). There are computers available for you to check your email and to use the Internet. (Please note that there is limited access to the Internet and priority is given for ministry over personal use) We encourage you to keep in touch with your supporters at least once a month to keep them informed and enable them to pray for you.

  • Life after MDT Open or Close

    Global Village / Presentation team

    Excited about mobilising people for missions?
    The Global Village team organises a mission simulation experience to challenge Christians to step out and reach a world in need of God through praying, giving or going.

    Alternatively travel the UK as part of a multinational presentation team on behalf of OM, to present the work around the world to churches and encourage them to take up their part in God’s mission. 

    e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    UK National Office

    The OM UK National Office provides the backbone to the ministries of OM around the world. Through promoting the work with up to date communications, raising and processing finances, connecting to the UK church and providing a solid infrastructure, we assist and support the work of OM around the world to reach the least reached with the Good News of the Gospel.

    OM UK London/Birmingham Teams

    London and Birmingham’s vibrant communities of diverse cultures provide a unique opportunity to share the Good news of the Gospel with people from the least reached ethnic groups. Join one of the existing ministries to a variety of ethnic groups and cultures right on our doorstep. Ideal for those preparing to go further afield in terms of initial language study and cultural exposure or for those wanting to learn more about reaching the ones that have come to live among us.

    Elsewhere in OM

    After completing MDT you will be well equipped to join any of the ministries of OM around the world. We have established partnerships with other OM ministries around the world. For opportunities and countries of service go to

  • Do you do other GAP/MDT years abroad? Open or Close