The prevalence of AIDS/HIV in Nepal is twice as high as the UK and many people there have found it hard to know how to live with the disease. OM's AIDSLink programme gives real hope to those who are struggling with the disease and provides practical and spiritual support as well as training and raising awareness in the community.

In recent weeks we have also been so moved by the incredible needs of the Ukrainian people and so are seeking to raise awareness and funds for OM’s work among refugees in Eastern as well as this AIDSlink project in Nepal.

From April 9th, Matthew, Lydia and James will be part of a team from the UK who will visit the project in Nepal and trek up into the Himalayas to a peak at a height of 4997m. The trek will last 6 days, and we value your support as we seek to raise awareness and funds for the great needs in Nepal as well as continuing to support the work among Ukrainian refugees.

Please give generously to support these two projects.
Helen SKirton