I would really appreciate any support this year, whether through prayer, encouragement, practical help or finance and am so grateful for everyone who has been encouraging me so far as I find my way through this journey.

Lichtinsel is a team based in Wilhelmsburg, Hamburg which aims to both support the local community through advice, practical help and prayer, and to organise community activities to bring everyone together. This work is supported by, and organised through, OM (Operation Mobilisation) which is an international Christian organisation which aims to spread God’s love to as many communities as possible, especially the least reached.

My role will be working in the ministries of women and youth work with the Lichtinsel team, and hopefully bringing my gifts and friendship to the people there. We also hope to support the local church which, as we all are experiencing, is getting back on its feet after covid. I'll be there for three months.

OM Moldova run summer outreaches called Love Moldova which many people (around 200) from around the world join every year. Over a two-month period of the summer, they offer a variety of exciting options for two-week outreaches in Moldovan villages. Teams come alongside local churches sometimes staying in one village and sometimes travelling from place to place to share their faith and love.

I will hopefully be part of both these small outreach teams and the facilitation of Love Moldova: working both behind the scenes and with the participants as a participant and as a helper so I'll be with them in Moldova for three months. This will be quite a varied and exciting outreach, as there are so many different opportunities!

I would love to keep in touch with you!

Emily Rosser