When I sleep on my bed a child in India is displaced.
When I eat and drink food a child I child in India picks bin.
When I lieth on my warmth Bed a Child in India is freezing.
I have a job, I have a hope that month-end I will have my spare change.
I have a Husband that I can lean on if I feel wearied and out of energy.
I have children to lean on me and make me laugh all day.
I have loads of meat, sandwiches, fruits and vegetables to munch when I need to.

However, someone in India just died now! He was the breadwinner of the family but his carried away by death. Yesterday, a man lost his wife to COVID-19 or maybe hunger! The children are scattered and fending for themselves. They need some of my meats, a sandwich or perhaps the vegetables in good condition not from the bins.

Will you support me to feed a family in India? Does their health and wellbeing matter to you?
This is your opportunity to do one thing right for the sake of GOD.


Precious Bembridge