For three months starting in September, I’ll be volunteering with Community House Damaris in Athens, which aid and support women aged 18-35 and their children, who have experienced sexual exploitation and trafficking. I also hope to visit other organisations in the area that work with vulnerable women

House Damaris offers support for vulnerable women, and focuses on Mental Health Support, Vocational Training, Social Services, Personal Development, and Healthcare. I'll be sharing the gospel through embodying Christ’s love in practical ways to bring hope and healing.

Additionally, I’ll be working with Threads of Hope, which empowers women through sewing and employment opportunities, and Ek Neou, a bookshop which supports abuse survivors with various programmes to help equip them with employment support. My role might include assisting in educational and training programmes, providing emotional support, and helping with various community projects aimed at empowering and reintegrating the survivors.

I have raised over half and hope to continue raising this within the next few months. I also am reducing my private practice and so might face challenges whilst out there with a reduced income.

Louise Haddow