Thank you to everyone who has given to support my mission visit to Ukraine with Operation Mobilisation. I leave for Ukraine on Monday 24th May! It is fantastic that as of today my OM fundraiser has more than reached its target to cover all the costs in Ukraine. Thank you! If you would still like to contribute, please could you contact me directly, as my outstanding travel, insurance and COVID-19 testing costs cannot be funded through this OM page.


I grew up in Aberdeen and am currently in 3rd year studying chemical engineering at Strathclyde University. After hearing from a friend, Josh Williams, about his time in Ukraine with Operation Mobilisation (OM), he asked if I would consider spending some of this summer in Ukraine working on the same project. Through prayerful consideration as well as speaking with Josh and others, I am planning to go to Ukraine for 11 weeks from the 24th of May. The OM mission that I will be joining in Ukraine is called ‘Clean Soul Clean City’ (CSCC). This partners engineering with outreach, where the engineering work enables the outreach.

Plastic waste management is a huge problem in Ukraine, since the cost to safely dispose of or recycle the plastics is too great for most businesses and individuals. The project uses this waste plastic, converting it to fuels through a process called pyrolysis. This is also important because we are stewards of God’s creation. Finding a way to convert plastic waste to a usable product such as fuel is a vital part of how we as Christians can uphold this God given role.

Alongside the engineering, CSCC aims to share the Christian faith with Ukrainians. The engineering work opens up opportunities for outreach through stable employment for local Ukrainians. The long-term aim is to expand to having a pyrolysis waste plant in many locations across Ukraine, where local Ukrainians are employed, churches are planted, and income from the project is re-invested back into the work so that it can become sustainable.

Currently the pyrolysis process is producing a mixture of fuel, which is usable but not saleable. The focus of my time in Ukraine will be to split the fuel into saleable fractions which is predominantly chemical engineering. Currently there is no one with a chemical engineering background working with CSCC, so using experience I have in this will be a real help to enable and accelerate the growth of the project.

During my time in Ukraine I hope to use my chemical engineering knowledge to support this long-term project. I believe God will use me to help grow this exciting mission that is still in its early stages. I also hope to develop a daily reliance on God, coming away knowing afresh that all we can do is through Him. This is something that is easy to know in my mind, although difficult to allow to sink in and have real meaning, particularly living in our culture in the UK where we can be all too comfortable. I also hope to learn more of chemical engineering through this experience of putting it into practice. I hope this will be valuable to me as I continue with my university studies next year, as well as in any future work God has planned for me.

It would be great if you could consider partnering with me by supporting me both in prayer and financially.

If you would like to support me financially as I join with the team in Ukraine that would be amazing. As I hope you have seen from this letter, any gift would not simply be a gift to enable me to go to Ukraine, but also an investment in the CSCC project as a whole, which God willing has a long journey ahead, of which I will play a part. I would also really appreciate your prayers.

Thank you for your support.

Timothy Groves