So over Easter we will be heading out to the Himalayas !
After arriving, (many lay-overs later haha), we will see the local training centre as well as some of the awesome local projects such as a farm and one thing I am really looking forward to seeing is the HIV and AIDS Care Centre!

Following this we will take on a 4997m mountain (together) in the Himalayas! There will be time for prayer for unreached people groups and learning about Hinduism and Buddhism. *So excited!*
Once we arrive at the top: we will celebrate (wooo) and go back down again and catch a bus back, hopefully with grateful smiles :)

The Reason we are doing this is to raise support for OM’s HIV/AIDS project (AIDSlink), as well as (since recently) for the Ukraine appeal, A 50:50 split in funding.

I am super keen to support the work of the AIDSlink project. The work they do truly transforms lives, HIV/AIDS is such a nasty disease, It really shook me to see it at an extreme stage in Tanzania, however I was also encouraged to see the support from NGO’s in providing medication and care to those who live with this disease, such as a youth group for those born with HIV/AIDS. The support and help truly made such a difference in individual lives!

If you feel you are able to support this great work in any way or form, thank you ever so much, I am truly truly grateful and encouraged!

God bless and have a brilliant day!

Any prayer requests? I would so appreciate prayer for courage in raising support as well as prayers for the travel to the Himalayas. Thank you! Joseff Griffiths