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Every year, more than 3000 people from all over Europe participate in a discipleship week in Germany. We believe in fun, engaging experiences with a mix of Bible studies, live music, sports and workshops. All activities are designed to challenge teenagers to find and grow their own relationship with Jesus with thousands of other like-minded Christians.

Teens - if you are 13-17 you can join as a participant, either on your own or with your youth group. If you come on your own, you will still join a group of 6-8 people of the same sex and similar age for the week. Please click here to find out more.

Coaches (small group leaders) - come with a passion to serve God at TeenStreet!  We will help you and your youth group find ways to have a real friendship with Jesus and reflect Him daily in their world. You can still apply to be a coach if you are coming without a group. 

Service Team (volunteers) - TeenStreet would not happen without the generous and sacrificial support of this team of cooks, cleaners, workshop co-ordinators, artists, AV operators, security staff - the list goes on. 

  Service Team & Coaches
Dates Saturday, 01 – Saturday, 08 August 2020
Cost TBC
Ages 18+ 
Suitable for single people welcomemarried couples welcomegroups welcomesorry, no families

Service Team are the volunteers at TeenStreet. 

TeenStreet would not happen without the generous and sacrificial support of this team, made up of all those who help behind the scenes. This includes cooking, cleaning, running workshops, doing AV or security, setting up tents, organising sports, driving, shopping, working with graphics or communication, setting up the kitchen, helping in the admin office, organising teams in the months beforehand - the list goes on.

Some teens have come away from a week at TeenStreet and been most impacted by the people sacrificing their time to clean up after them! Your service at TeenStreet matters! 

At TeenStreet, God can speak into your life and transform you as well.  As part of the Service Team, you will be placed into small groups (or NET groups) and will have the opportunity to work through the Bible study based on this year’s theme.  There are many opportunities: with your team, during the main meeting in your free time, in the Throne Room, in your devotion times, etc.  Or just take some time each day to sit and chat with one of the participants, and ask them what they are experiencing.

You can find all job opportunities for Service Team here.

Coaches (small group leaders) play a vital role at TeenStreet. You have the closest contact with the teenagers, helping to develop their friendship with Jesus. 

You will have many opportunities to show and share what Jesus has done in your life. This can be life-changing for young people. Teenagers need a caring adult as a friend, example and mentor. 

As a Coach at TeenStreet, you will be responsible for the teenagers in one NET group, which consists of up to six teenagers of the same gender. Coaches are responsible for leading the NET times, meeting with their team in free time, keeping their teens accountable and spending personal time with each of them. 

Each Coach will meet with their Ministry & Mentoring Couple each day and will have access to training and other resources. 

To be a Coach at TeenStreet, you must be over 20, love Jesus and be ready for an intense adventure. We need and appreciate a wide range of ages. Contrary to what most people believe, this generation of teenagers desires to connect with people that have some experience in life. This is often missing in normal life, as they don’t have good adult role models. 

Not only will Coaches have a chance to build relationships at TeenStreet, but we pray that this experience will lead to support and interaction between youth leaders and their teens throughout the year. 


TeenStreet will provide mass accommodation in large halls or marquees for service team or you can bring your own tent. Coaches will be accommodated in large halls or marquees with their group of teenagers. Everyone is required to bring something to sleep on (air mattress, sleeping bag and pillow etc).


3 meals a day will be provided. Please let us know of any special dietary requirements when applying. There are lots of snacks available to purchase should you need any in between meals.


Participants are responsible to book and pay for their own travel. OM UK is in the process of arranging a bus, please contact us for more information.


There can be a lot of walking around the site. You will need medical insurance. 


British citizens will not require a visa. 


*Price excludes travel and insurance, and is subject to change according to the exchange rate. 

Service team applying must be 18 or over. Coaches applying must be at least 20. Teenagers applying must be aged 13-17 and have parental consent.

As part of our Safeguarding policy, you may require a valid enhanced DBS certificate, which may cost an additional £20.


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