Do you have experience in counseling? Do you have a strong desire to use your counseling gifts to assist a new generation of believers? Do you feel led by God to reach out to the people of Kosovo?

Start Date: January or August
Commitment Length: 2-3 years (Full Time)

The Balkans are filled with the repercussions of violence, rape and war. Though the war has been over for nearly 19 years, many people here are still dealing with the effects of the trauma and suffering they experienced during that time. OM Kosovo is looking for counsellors who want to work with both the foreign and local workers on the OM team, and also with local people (such as women and children who have experienced trauma or violence)

Come and join us as we share God's love and compassion with the people of the Balkans.


  • Passion to see God transforming people emotionally and spiritually
  • Professional training in counseling
  • Love for people in all walks of life
  • Desire to support foreign workers and build up the local body of believers
  • Willingness to intensively learn Albanian
  • Ability to work with a team

Most people joining OM raise financial support towards the cost of their salaries/expenses. This is usually through gifts from home churches and other supporters. Training and support in this is provided.

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