The INT team supports the onboard crew with INT functions aboard the MV Logos Hope and ensures the systems required to perform those functions are available and functioning correctly.

Start Date:January or August
Commitment Length: 1-2 years (Full Time)

More information:

  • You will provide end user support to the business users on the ship. Ensuring their issues are solved and the user is trained/communicated with in any preventative measures for the future.
  • You will be responsible for managing people’s accounts and the creation of, as well as ensuring our security policies are adhered to.
  • You will monitor all INT hardware and software to ensure its proper function. Correcting any problems that arise as a matter of priority.
  • You will be ‘on duty’ on a regular schedule and will be required to respond to INT emergencies out of hours. You will also be responsible for checking all regularly scheduled activities have taken place eg back up systems.
  • You will provide support, as appropriate, for people’s personal devices and be involved in the education and training of people in the use of the INT systems.
  • You will also be assigned projects and be able to contribute ideas for the improvement and development of the ships systems.


  • You will regularly be dealing with people and will need to be patient, friendly and approachable to them.
  • You are a good team player, willing to help one another and share information freely.
  • Flexibility, particularly around working hours, will be essential. Appreciating the urgency of a job and the priorities that may need to be altered is very important. 
  • You are well acquainted with the Microsoft Windows operating system, ideally multiple versions. A significant bonus is experience of networking or the Windows Server architecture.
  • You are able to follow policies and procedures precisely and recognise any changes that may have an impact outside of your particular task.
  • You will seek the guidance of your colleagues and INT Manager whenever you are uncertain, recognising the power you have to impact the ships ministry by your mistakes.
  • You enjoy computing and the challenges there in, you desire to grow and learn more about this field.

Most people joining OM raise financial support towards the cost of their salaries/expenses. This is usually through gifts from home churches and other supporters. Training and support in this is provided.

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