Going longer term with OM

OM has opportunities for all kinds of people interested in mission service. Gap year students looking for a year out (or in some cases, just six months)... professionals wanting to use their skills in mission... those considering becoming career missionaries... All can find many possibilities to serve God in OM!


Join Us...

Browse through our longer term opportunities:

  • Arts, Music & Media

  • Business

  • Caring for People

    People are our key resource. Your role in Personnel is to care for them well, whether they are inquiring about OM, joining us or are Read More
  • Church Planting

  • Communications

    God is doing so much and yet few workers have the time or ability to communicate this effectively. You have a passion to capture the Read More
  • Computers & IT

    Mission is about people, but we depend on technology to empower strategies to connect with people and to foster unity in a movement spread across Read More
  • Evangelism

    You want people to know about Jesus. Your team might sow good seed or even plant churches. You might connect with children, youth, immigrants or Read More
  • Finance, Office Work & Administration

  • Justice

  • Kids, Youth and Students

  • Leaders & Managers

    Leadership is earned through proven, dedicated use of one’s gifts. Yet there are many opportunities today well suited for people with life experience who seek Read More
  • Medical

    Imagine using your medical training, in God’s name, in places of massive need. Doctors, nurses, various therapists, community workers, and midwives: Discover places where it’s Read More
  • Mentoring & Discipleship

  • Publishing & Literature

    Whether in print, video or web, publishing and communication through modern media is an essential strategy for OM. Your experience in any or all of Read More
  • Relief & Development

    Why struggle with the world’s wrongs when you can do something? Bring humanitarian aid and relief to disaster areas. Develop micro-enterprise among the under-privileged. Help Read More
  • Ships & Marine Qualifications

    You may already have merchant marine or navy experience, or you are up for the challenge of practical work on an OM ship. As part Read More
  • Teaching

    There’s a world out there that wants to learn. You love to teach. Make the connection, whether your passion is early education, TEFL/TESOL/ESL (English), trades, Read More
  • Technical & Practical Skills

    Your practical technical skills contribute to OM’s success as much as more visible ministry roles. You maintain OM properties, HVAC and electrical systems, participate in Read More
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