How do you feel about reaching your neighbours? With the make up of the UK becoming increasingly diverse, the world is coming to us. In fact, according to Operation World, without the immigration of some Christian people groups, evangelical Christianity would be on a decline in the UK! Will you help us turn this round? Join one of our teams in either Birmingham or London and discover that you too can share your faith at home.

September 2018

Destination: United Kingdom

Outreach: Autumn ELCO 2018 September to December

You will be part of a group of English students from around the world, learning about English and mission for about 20 hours over 5 days a week. Lessons are taught at Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate levels by well qualified English language teachers. Small class sizes allow lots of personal help from teachers....

Destination: United Kingdom

Outreach: Cheetham Cultural Festival Manchester

The Cheetham Cultural Festival takes place each year in the North of the City of Manchester known throughout the world as the birthplace of the industrial revolution. Team members will take part in the Cultural Festival Party in the park, will engage with people of all faiths and none through...

October 2018

Destination: United Kingdom

Outreach: Lionheart Holiday Club (Birmingham)

Each day in the club begins with craft activities. We then play parachute games with the children. After this the main up-front programme takes place. This lasts about an hour and follows the adventures of Lionheart, our main puppet character. This year’s club is called ‘Lionheart and the Great Wild...

November 2018

Destination: United Kingdom

Outreach: Christmas Children’s Outreach (Birmingham)

Launched in 1988, LUKE Theatre Group’s performances are watched and enjoyed by thousands of children in UK primary schools each year. Using creative skills such as puppets, mime, conjuring, music and storytelling, the group’s shows are linked to the main Christian festivals: Easter, Harvest and Christmas. LUKE Theatre Group’s lively...