Join a unique time in the planting of God’s church in the Middle East.  God is birthing something new among Muslims, and thousands are coming to know Christ!  We want you to come and be a part of it.

Start Date: January or August
Commitment Length: as long as possible (Full Time)

In order to see churches in places where there has been no church for hundreds of years, we need a variety of people and personalities with all kinds of life, professional, and cultural backgrounds.

Church planting involves prayer, sharing our faith and discipleship.  Yet, where we see multiplying churches planted in our part of the world, the most effective church planters are not professional ministers. Instead, we find God using ordinary people who have been radically changed by the Gospel and pray, share and disciple as a nature extension of their lives.

This work is extremely challenging as it requires learning Arabic, figuring out a new culture, in an economically and politically unstable environment.  Yet, those who have found this as their call have found this job to be immensely satisfying.  Despite the challenges 62% of our workers have been on the field for more than five years.

Most people joining OM raise financial support towards the cost of their salaries/expenses. This is usually through gifts from home churches and other supporters. Training and support in this is provided.

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