Even in the remotest parts of the world where Christ is least known, we motivate and equip Christians to share God’s love with the people they meet. God uses ordinary people to reach other ordinary people with His love in over 110 countries and in world port cities through OM's ship, Logos Hope.


The African continent divides into two very different areas with much of the north being predominantly Muslim with Arabic influences, and the south more heavily influenced by Christianity or tribal religions. The Church is very different in these two sections of the continent.

In the Muslim North, it is small, often “underground” with most believers lacking Christian fellowship. In the South, the Church is larger and more visible. OM is passionate about mobilising African workers from the Sub-Saharan areas of continent.


This large area includes the world’s two most populous countries (China, India), is home to Hinduism and Buddhism, and includes the world’s largest Muslim country (Indonesia). There is tremendous spiritual need, but the region is also home to China’s estimated 60-80 million Christians, and South Korea which is the world largest non-Western, missionary-sending nation.

This huge region stretches from countries that border Europe all the way east to Japan and south to Indonesia. OM has teams across Asia with a variety of ministry activities.


Once the sender of missionaries to the world, Europe is now the one continent where the Church is shrinking. In most of the countries, less than 1% of the population is evangelical. But, there are open doors to share the Gospel with Europeans and a growing immigrant population throughout the continent.

Since 1960, OM has been working with the European Church to share God's love from Spain to Poland and Albania to the Netherlands. We have long-term teams in more than 30 countries and offer many long and short-term opportunities across the continent.

South America

There has been tremendous growth of evangelical Christianity in this part of the world, and in the last 30 years, there has been a growing vision for involvement in missions. OM is both mobilising South American Christians for missions and continuing evangelistic outreach in the countries of this region.

OM has teams in most of the countries of South America. Much of the ministry is focused on helping people gain greater interest in missions, raising up and training new missionaries to go out from these countries, and helping churches in local ministry.

United Kingdom

Since the early days of OM, the UK has been pivotal to resourcing world missions through prayer, finance and sending workers out. This legacy continues today with OM's team at the Quinta in Shropshire providing essential support services for teams and ministries around the world.

OM’s ministry centres in Birmingham, London and other major cities are committed to ensuring the UK Church can be increasingly found working at the heart of diverse communities. Working alongside local churches, OM seeks to show the love of Christ to least reached people groups now residing in the UK. Read more.

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