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13-Nov-2017 | Belgium

Milena Schmidt was in her last year of social studies when she got the feeling God wanted her to leave Germany, her home country. This came as a bit of a surprise, as it was not something she had previously planned, or even considered. She started looking for options online and found OM Germany’s website, which led to contacting their office and joining OM’s introductory course. A Facebook post from OM Germany, asking for volunteers at the GO-conference, became Milena’s opportunity to get further involved. “I had a great time and it was a good place to think about the next move,” shares Milena. One step led to another. OMers from Belgium attending the conference shared about the work there and invited her to come. Two months later she was able to join the ‘Stations of the Cross’ Easter campaign in Brussels.

Although Milena grew up in a Christian home and kept the faith, she struggled to believe that she was loved and valued. A deep personal experience of God’s love changed her heart, convincing her right down to the very depth of her being that she was, and is, loved and precious to God. This gift of God’s love is the essential message she desires to pass on to other women, especially women in difficult situations. “At first, I thought of going to the Philippines or maybe South America,” Milena recalls, “but during the interview with the OM Germany staff member, Europe seemed a good option too.”

Milena has returned to Brussels, and is now working with OM Belgium where she has recently started learning French through the LAMP2* method. “I can’t wait to know enough French in order to share with the women of Brussels how much they are loved, valued and precious in the eyes of the Lord,” concludes Milena.

*Language Acquisition Made Practical, an interactive and relational way of learning a new language.

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